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Introduced to competition dahlias as a child in the 1960's, then began to be involved in growing show blooms in the late 1990's. Competition has sparked the desire the hybridize and market the best possible qualities we can grow. Intense scrutney and patience to bring to you the best in show varities, which make great cut and garden blooms.

Located in Gold Beach, Or.



  3 miles in from the southern Oregon coast, lends itself to having a great climate to grow dahlias. While we do not have the temperature extremes, we do have our troubles. High winds, damp nights and warm days do present there issues. Not to mention slugs big enough to put saddles on and ride. We avoid chemicals and non-organic nutrients. This allows the benificial insects and soil microbs to live well and help our crops grow strong.



 Among our test besides looking amazing, we evaluate all aspects of the plant from stem strength  and the obvious qualities, to good tuber producers and abilty to survive winter storage without a great deal of fuss.





Shipped clean and dry. As with any live product, be sure to remove from packaging as soon as it arrives.



 We take great care during our process to avoid any virus spreading. Blades are cleaned and sanitized and used only on one tuber or pot root at a time. The highest quality materials and cloning agents are used to bring each cutting into the world. We also, limit the number of cuttings per pot root to prevent stressed or weak plants. If a variety is a good tuber producer, it will do the same as a cutting.

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